Hello! And welcome, from a sky near you, far from you, or maybe even in the cubicle next to you. My name is Ian Dalesky, (Dale-Sky) and I wanted to lay out the basics of why I’m on here… and why the hell Dale is in the sky.

There is a need deep inside of most of us to experience something new, to explore if you may. Personally, I’ve found the easiest and best way to scratch that itch is to travel the world. A lot of my friends and co-workers always ask how I afford to go on the trips that I do, and how I find the time and or drive to take the leap. And to them I say: “It isn’t as hard as you might think.”

I’ve haven’t paid full fare on a flight in years, and am set for my next few trip bookings to be free (or close to) as well, but that surely doesn’t mean that what I do is some crazy perk set aside for an elite few. Points/Miles can be really confusing, but I’ve learned how to use them to my advantage. Like many of you, I am a month to month kind of person. I pay rent, car payments, insurance, student loans. But most importantly, I prioritize travel as if it’s just another one of my life expenses. That said. Last year I flew to Japan, RT (round trip) for $60, and am already planning to go to Europe and S.E. Asia in the near future for $0.00. That’s right. 0.

My mission is to explore the world of miles, points, and the places in between. Most of the main travel blogs tend to focus on award booking in business and first class. Although this might be quite a comfortable and luxurious way to fly, the majority of us don’t want to credit card churn, drop that many miles, or don’t have the money to keep up such a life style. My main goal is to get myself in the sky more often, and more importantly, on the ground someplace else. If you want to figure this out with me, to satisfy our travel desires, or just read some of my travel advice, then please lend me your eyes. I’ll show you why I can’t ever be satisfied with where I’ve been (and why you shouldn’t be either).

I’ll tell you why Dale is in the Sky.