Breaking character in Budapest

Remember how your parents bought you a copy of “Oh, the Places You Will Go”? And you were like, “well that’s sweet”. Then you put it on your book shelve and never picked it up again? I thought I was super original owning that book until I realized everyone owned it.    Does that make it wrong that it’s on my shelve? No! The same kind of commonality goes for us travelers. A lot of us have been to the same places, London, Paris, Rome. It doesn’t make less of the experience because each of us perceived the city differently. We all saw mostly the same things, but what we thought was unique. And something special.


Some tiny street cat in Tokyo

The places we travel help create a map of who we are. It’s not the cities that define us, but what we did, how we remember our explorations. What I’ve tried to lay out in my “Destination Guides” sections is something more of a tool box to take with you as you make your own adventure. I’ll try to lay out helpful tips, and ways to save money. Hell, I’ll even tell you what my personal experiences are an what I enjoyed. But What I will say is this, don’t ever let someone tell you what you’re going to enjoy. Sure there are “must see” places in every city. But the places I’ve found most meaningful are the places I’ve stumbled across, the places I went inside because It was raining, the tours that branched outside of the normal city highlights.


I’m just gonna leave that there… (Brasov, Romania)


That said, I’m only going to post Destination Guides for places that I’ve been and know pretty well. Sure, I’ve traveled through and or had short stays in many cities but a few hours walking around the Zagreb, Croatia city center isn’t going to have any useful information for you guys. Here’s the part where you come in. If I’ve made a mistake or something I’ve written is out dated, or maybe you have something to add, please let me know. I don’t take my word as the final one, so neither should you. I hope you enjoy these! If not, leave an angry comment which I will politely ignore.