You might have noticed, a lot of the places I’ve been seem to be the classic “beer countries”. It’s no coincidence. I’ve even traveled to a small German town called Bamberg just to try the local specialty, rauchbier, on draft. Traveling and Beer go together like– I don’t know, A beer and another beer. In fact, I enjoy taking in a beer while I travel just about as much as anything else I’ll experience on my journey. Most people say that interacting with locals can be the best part. An interaction per say. I say why not interact with a beer as well. They pair just right.


Hungarian cuisine paired with a beer

Curious about why beer makes it so high up on my list of things essential to travel? Look no further than the ingredients. What makes up a beer is something unique to each land. The tastes of a beer and they way it’s crafted tell you so much about a culture. Does it take it’s time, or does it barge right in, no questions asked? Is it complex, or does it focus on the simple aspects of life? You can even do a side by side comparison of beer and local art! That’s a treat! I know some people don’t drink beer, for health, religious, or any other good reason. That’s okay! You still might enjoy the stories I have to tell that involve bubbles.


Tasty IPA from Yo-Ho Brewing (Japan)

If you are a beer drinker then hear me on this– your trip is not complete until you’ve tried the beers (provided you are legal drinking age). There is no better way to take in Berlin’s graffiti alleys, or Oregon’s deep forests, or Japan’s mystique, than by savoring a sudsie. Countries where you can drink in public certainly make this a whole lot easier, however sitting in a pub, talking to a local is an experience to be had, for at least a round or two. Having grown up in Oregon, I’m used to the pub culture. Whether or not you choose to partake, it’s a damn good way to interact with people.

To further add complexity to the experience you can sample local cuisine with your tasty beverage. The flavors of a culture blend into something unique. When I’m at home and want satisfy that travel need I’ve been talking about, a temporary fix is to sample a draft from a place I want to go or have been. That’s called love. That’s what I call beer. That’s why I pair Beer with culture– and you should too.

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