My mother and I at the Budapest Opera

Hello from above,

I don’t mean that in a “I am God” sense, I just mean it in the “sometimes I fly” sense. “Sometimes I fly” basically describes me in a Cadbury Eggshell. If I didn’t have aspirations to be a great Hollywood TV writer, I’d probably lay down my laptop and just travel full time.

For me, I caught the travel flu when I was in seventh grade on a People to People trip. Sure, a bunch of “hormonally-enraged” teenagers trapped on a bus for hours at a time doesn’t sound like much of a trip (but you might actually catch that flu), but it led to getting an eye and an ear open for the beyond. In college, I took a couple of trips abroad, but it wasn’t until I started in the working world that I really decided that travel was an essential part of my life. I worked on a Hollywood set as a production assistant. For those of you that want to know anything about the “glamor” of the film industry, I can say this: your life is consumed. The only perk is that when your show isn’t filming, you have time off– we’ll call it “unpaid vacation”.


Togetsukyo Bridge in Arashiyama, Japan

I stared to try to make international travel a yearly thing, with domestic trips a couple of times in between. Before I knew it, I was out of money. But when you have the travel bug *cough* I mean flu, the only way to live is to travel. The only medicine I could afford: Awards/Miles. Figuring it was Snake-oil, I hammered away at the award booking portals of various airlines and I quickly figured out that with some work, I could make it happen. #Cured (not Blessed).


Ballast Point in San Diego

Coming from Oregon originally, beer started as a way for me to connect to my hometown roots as I’ve lived away in both Los Angeles and on Oahu, Hawaii the entirety of my “adult” life. Now though, it’s much more. It’s a way I reconnect with the places I’ve been, or get a preview of a place I’m planning on visiting. From time to time I’ll incorporate beers that I have along the way, hell I might even just plan a trip around the bubbles (I have before).

I now feel like I’ve opened up Pandora’s Box. I can’t stop planning the next trip and figuring out ways to make it happen for a fraction of the cost. After all, the more I save on flights/hotels, the more money I have for beer. I’m not going to share the great travel hack of all time, because I certainly don’t have it (though, if you do, I’ll buy you a beer). My motivation is simple: because I get so many questions about how I make it all work, I figured I’d share the piece of the puzzle that I know; what has worked for me. Besides, sending someone a link to your website is easier than hours of explanation, right? Unless, you want to buy me a beer and sit down. I’ll do that.

— Ian Dalesky (Dale-Sky)